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In order to provide a better transport system and to facilitate the general public, an independent Transport Department was established in September 2008 with the mission to make endeavors for efficient, affordable comfortable, reliable, safe and environment friendly transport system to provide accessibility and mobility for people and goods.
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At the time of independence the Railways constituted the most viable capital asset of the country and were the only intercity public transportation mode inherited from the British India. In first five years plan (1955-60) the Road Transport Board was set up to coordinate the rail a
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PIO Transport Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Name:Kalimau
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To provide the people access to a safe, affordable, comfortable, reliable, & environment friendly transport system & to encourage & facilitate transport businesses, occupations, and entrepreneurs to foster, sustain, and prosper producing socio-economic and human resource dev
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The effective promotion & regulation of Transport Sector to ensure Socio-economic Development in the Province.
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Computerized are being issued under one window operation at District Transport officer Peshawar Issuance of learner driving permit. All driving licenses (Motor Cycle, Motor Car, Public HTV, LTV etc.) for local and fo
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FUNCTIONS  To grant, issue and renew route permits in respect of stage carriages, contract carriages on inter divisional/int
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FUNCTIONS  a) To issue and renew inter provincial/intra provin
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(i)      One window operation at District Transport Peshawar (ii)
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22 Districts have been computerized under Computerization of Driving Licenses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This shall now be on recurring budget w.e.f July 2015 and accordingly 51 posts on regular budget have been approved.
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